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North Jersey Equestrian Center Hosts Single Action Shooting Society Club

NJEC Introduces Cowboy Legends Mounted Shooting Association LLC, Single Action Shooting Society Club.

Join the thousands of Old West afficianados who have discovered the fast growing fun sport of single action shooting at North Jersey Equestrian Center's new Cowboy Legends Mounted Shooting Association LLC club.

The Single Action Shooting Society (SASS) and the Mounted Shooters of America (MSA) are both international organizations created to preserve and promote the sport of Cowboy Action Shooting. SASS and MSA both endorse regional matches conducted by affiliated clubs. SASS stages END of TRAIL The World Championship of Cowboy Action Shooting, promulgates rules and procedures to ensure safety and consistency in Cowboy Action Shooting matches, and seeks to protect its members' 2nd Amendment rights. SASS members share a common interest in preserving the history of the Old West and competitive shooting.

Cowboy Legends Mounted Shooting Association LLC 2006 membership here

For further information on SASS, please visit the website at:

For futher information on MSA, please visit their website at:

"Bauer is the rootinest, tootinest…..
Congratulations to Karl on his big win at the Mounted Shooters of America World Championships in Laughlin, Nev., over the weekend
of Sept. 25, 2009!





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